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Most people seeking orthodontic treatment have one or two main goals in mind- straight teeth and perhaps a comfortable bite. This has been the goal of orthodontists for many years. The problem, however, is that traditional orthodontic treatment often leads to narrow, flat smiles that can restrict normal tongue function and impede the airway. Since 1985, Dr. Roth has meticulously studied what makes a beautiful smile and has developed unique methods to create them. So what makes a Roth smile different?

(Jenna’s first look at her groom)

Smile Width

A broad, wide smile that shows at least 8-10 teeth. this creates a more youthful smile and provides facial support as you age.


(Our hygienist, Deanne)

Smile Arc

The upper front teeth should follow the curvature of the lower lip and should be much more visible than the lower teeth.


This is the end of your search for the best orthodontic treatment available for adults, teens and children. This is the beginning of your beautiful smile!

  • Dr. Roth

    Dr. Roth graduated with high honors from UCLA School of Dentistry where he later served on the Faculty for the Department of Orthodontics. In addition to earning his DDS, he also holds two Master’s degrees and has authored several published studies.

    He settled in Agoura Hills thirty-five years ago where he and his wife Lisa-Ann raised their four children. He has been helping create beautiful smiles in both Agoura Hills and West Hills since 1985.

    About Dr. Roth
  • See What We’re About

    We pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality orthodontic care available in a welcoming, comfortable, stress-free environment. We strive to create a fun atmosphere in our offices, and love to see friends and family of our patients engaged and interested in the orthodontic experience. Everyone will see the positive results sooner than you thought possible!

    Dr. Roth and his friendly, professional staff are committed to making your orthodontic experience both easy and extraordinarily on your journey to the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always imagined.


  • Treatment for the whole family!

    We serve adults, adolescents, and children, and we recognize that every patient is different. But we want them all to have one thing in common – to declare, “I can’t stop smiling!” Let Dr. Roth and his team create your perfect smile that you will love to show off.


  • Getting Started

    At each visit, our patients notice a difference in orthodontic care, which is delivered in an unhurried, individual, doctor-directed treatment. This attention to the patient ensures that you always receive the best possible care and focus from our staff. We work tirelessly to ensure your orthodontic treatment results in a smile that you are proud of and radiates self-confidence.