What is the secret to a Roth Smile?

Most people seeking orthodontic treatment have one or two main goals in mind- straight teeth and perhaps a comfortable bite. This has been the goal of orthodontists for many years. The problem, however, is that traditional orthodontic treatment often leads to narrow, flat smiles that can restrict normal tongue function and impede the airway. Since 1985, Dr. Roth has meticulously studied what makes a beautiful smile and has developed unique methods to create them. So what makes a Roth smile different?

(Jenna’s first look at her groom)

Smile Width

A broad, wide smile that shows at least 8-10 teeth. This creates a more youthful smile and provides facial support as you age.

(Our hygienist, Deanne)

Smile Arc

The upper front teeth should follow the curvature of the lower lip and the upper teeth should be much more visible than the lowers

How do we achieve a broad smile?

Dr. Roth creates a broad smile by employing several techniques. If the treatment involves braces, Dr. Roth uses the Damon system, which utilizes self-ligating braces and high tech titanium archwires to apply light, biologically appropriate pressure to the teeth. The result is generally a wider dental arch. If treatment is done with Invisalign, Dr. Roth programs extra expansion into the digital treatment plan.

Besides the obvious esthetic improvement of a broad smile, there are several other advantages as well. Creating space by expanding the smile means that extraction of teeth is rarely needed. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the widen arch creates more room for the tongue and can improve the upper airway, thereby reducing the risk of developing obstructive sleep apnea.

(narrow smile on left vs. broad smile on the right)

How do we achieve Smile Arc Protection?

Traditional orthodontic treatment usually involves placing the bracket in the center, or sometimes even close to the edge of the tooth. While this works well for aligning the teeth, it often has the negative side effect of flattening the smile arc. With the innovative Smile Arc Protection technique, orthodontic brackets are placed on the teeth closer to the gum line in order to create a more esthetic, appealing result by extruding the anterior teeth. By positioning the brackets this way, patients can receive a broader smile with increased teeth visibility rather than a flattened, traditional smile. While Dr. Roth generally utilizes this Smile Arc Protection (SAP) when treatment planning for all his patients, the plan is tailored to meet the needs and desires of each patient. The bite plays a significant role in determining the final position of the front teeth as well.

Flat Smile Arc vs. Roth Smile Arc

Flat Smile Arc

Good Smile Arc